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Member Engagement

From sales and member acquisition right through to member care and retention, our suite of complementary services and technology satisfy even the most complex requirements.

Digital Marketing

Digital channels have taken the lead in influencing the member experience. We get digital at Concentrix and can create, grow and manage this channel for you.



Concentrix can help you realize your maximum potential with our proven demand generation, digital enablement, sales and channel support, technology solutions, and sales execution services.

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Technology Assets & Applications

Differentiation in today’s digital economy requires an intelligent, accelerated application and integration of modern technologies. Concentrix leverages channel extensions, optimized processes and cloud-based solutions to provide flexibility and agility in daily operations.


Process Optimization

We’re engaged in your business and invested in the outcomes. We welcome the opportunity to engage with you and become a strategic partner. Processes are the foundation of every business and have an impact on performance across critical areas and metrics.


Front and Back-Office

We transform the customer experience, and streamlines front and back office and industry-specific processes to provide the highest value from every customer interaction. Back Office services typically consist of the following administrative activities: Data Entry, Claims Processing, Claims Adjudication, Adjustment Processing, Application Review and Processing, Correspondence Processing, Email Processing, Web Ticket or Web Request Form Processing. In some cases, such as through our Concentrix GIAS platform, we automate back-office functions; this lets insurance organizations be more nimble, enter new markets and service more customers effectively.


We take a holistic approach to managing your processes and we will look for ways to bring innovation and increased results to your overall business. Concentrix has a demonstrated track record of helping clients transform their business through Process Innovation, Transformation, Continuous Improvement and Delivery Practitioners.

Continuous Improvement

We understand your drive for achievement of the performance metrics that govern our services, innovation and improve member experience, quality and drive cost reduction. Our framework and programs are designed to provide evaluation, design and implementation of processes and tools that drive improvements for all elements.


We partner with our clients with unflinching focus on quality. We provide a flexible approach centered on your unique business goals and work within existing processes and infrastructure. Our goal is to reduce process complexity, increase quality, visibility and control and achieve end- to-end organizational effectiveness and competitive advantage.

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To help you better understand and engage with your members. We do this by embedding information-based insights into every process, decision and action.



Our expertise targets business priorities: Customer Experience, where we enhance connections to your brand; Channel Optimization, for cost-effective interactions; and Operational Excellence, to simplify and improve internal processes.

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